Spirit-Filled Gifts

Spiritual gifts are usually understood to be a list of abilities that the Spirit distributes to new converts upon conversion. These include the gifts of faith, service, teaching, speaking in tongues, miraculous healing, and things like these. One person might receive the gift of prophecy when becoming a Christian, and another the gift of healing, another teaching, and so on. Discussions regarding spiritual gifts usually involve discerning which gift or gifts the Holy Spirit has given you from among Paul’s list in 1 Corinthians 12. Continue reading Spirit-Filled Gifts


Chapter 6: Spirit


The meaning of life is Jesus. His glory is the purpose of the entire world, according to Scripture. God is in the business of orchestrating creation and history to reflect Christ’s goodness and beauty.

So far we have considered how everything in life can rightly be understood as a type of Christ. Life is like the Tabernacle or like Solomon’s Temple; it is like a room or a building that is filled to the brim with images and symbols designed by God, the Master Artist, which point to the Messiah Jesus. The building blocks of our reality are pictures of Jesus. Everything we experience points to him. He is the True Security that our soul longs for when we lock our home. He is the True Freedom our hearts crave when we clock out at work. Continue reading Chapter 6: Spirit