Writing Project on Theology of Everything

A book, eventually.

I am hoping to write a book over the course of the next two years. My plan is to release a chapter via blog every couple months until I complete the project.

The book will be about Jesus. More specifically, the book will explore how Jesus is revealed in absolutely everything around us. Jonathan Edwards said that the world is “full of images of divine things, as full as a language is of words.” This project is largely based on Edwards’ assumption that everything in your sight is fundamentally a picture, a representation, a metaphor, or a “type” of Christ.

Typology is the science of discerning images of Jesus in the Scripture and in the world around us. Typology tells us that Moses was an image, a picture, or a “type” who shows us a bit of what Jesus is like. He was not the Messiah, he was just a type. My point in this project is to argue that all things are types of Christ, and that God calls us to look through the lens of Scripture and enjoy Jesus in everything we experience.

I have found typology to be a helpful vehicle to recognize the presence of Christ in my life. Typology breaks down the tragic separation of sacred and secular in a world that “is Yahweh’s, and all its fullness thereof” (Ps 24:1). Typology is a disciplined pursuit of the sovereignty of Jesus in everything, especially the mundane things, like eating and drinking (1 Cor 10:31).

An Outline Subject to Change

  1. Who is Jesus?
  2. What is typology?
  3. Does Jesus use typology?
  4. Do biblical authors use typology?
  5. How does typology relate to sin and evil?
  6. How does typology relate to the Holy Spirit?
  7. Is the Bible a type?
  8. How does typology help us bring the mission of Jesus to the world?
  9. How does typology shape our personal relationship with Jesus?
  10. Appendix A: 10 Types of Jesus in our modern world

Will You Join?

I am looking for people who would join me and read along and perhaps provide feedback as I post the chapters. I am looking for people who would challenge my ideas, my writing, my use of scripture, my logic, and my faith. I wouldn’t want to write something that doesn’t connect with the people I care for and love.

Would you join in reading?

If you are interested, go ahead and sign up via email on the sidebar.

First chapter will be coming early June, Lord willing.


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