The Church and Israel

Understanding the relationship of the Church and Israel is essential to understanding the meaning and theme of Scripture and therefore important for understanding Jesus. I thought this article by Shane Scott from Public Discourse was excellent. Worth a read:

Why Christians Shouldn’t Be Zionists  


One thought on “The Church and Israel

  1. I enjoyed this read. It was very helpful to have the author determine why (in his view, anyway) both Christian Zionism and supersessionistic eschatological models fall short. I have someone in my life that subscribes to a version of Christian Zionism (whether that is the phrasing she would choose is another thing altogether) and it’s fascinating to see the types of convictions she holds to in light of this model. It actually really saddens me, for her view not only supposes a Scriptural basis for its foundation, but also takes and distorts a number of different theologies ad hoc.

    But is there a basis for this? I mean, I am open to hearing a good argument for Christian Zionism (I haven’t yet), but it seems that any eschatological model that re-shapes other theologies – I’m thinking primarily of anthropology and potentially handling God’s providence – seems problematic. It isn’t that the re-shaping is bad. But rather it’s the fact that the re-shaping takes place after the fact, after this model is applied. Everything is seen through this eschatological lens. That scares me.


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