A Caution for Time Oriented Persons

I love figuring out ways to manage time more efficiently. Time is a gift from the Lord, and we squander it so easily. I love managing time. I love to do lists. I love streamlining my day.

However, I found the following to be a helpful consideration:

Five Ways to Stop Spending Time Managing Time 

After all, this is technically one of the 7 deadly wastes.


One thought on “A Caution for Time Oriented Persons

  1. I appreciated the author’s advice on this subject but found the first application to be hilariously odd.

    “You have eternal life. You are never going to run out of time. You not only will get to do, see, have, experience, and enjoy all that you hope to. You will do that, and much more.”

    Sounds like it was written by someone with tasks on their mind.

    Though the advice seems to be coming from a genuine place of concern, I cannot help but chuckle at suggestions like that. It assumes a lot about things we don’t know a lot about. Like, heaven; like, God; like, eternality; like, taking your planner with you. Are my concerns to be understood to be eternal too? Are my temporal thoughts and plans eternal?

    In principle, it is true, time is of no consequence to the follower of Christ. But that isn’t what concerns those individuals. They’re looking at the current. That’s what lists are all about: making the best use of the current time we have. Though the process can be easily distorted, I think the process of keeping lists and being organized is predicated on the Christian virtue of prudence.


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