Mark Summary – CJ Coffee 

Gospel of Mark Summary: Who is Christ?

This morning CJ summarized the book of Mark to wrap up the series. Thought I would share some notes.  

 The Gospel of Mark is God’s Word, and the message calls us to respond to Jesus. CJ pointed out 13 claims the book makes about Jesus. Like the parable of the sower, we must consider how we respond to the Word of God. 
1. The Christ, God’s Son (Mark 1:1)

2. The Proclaimer of God’s Kingdom (Mark 14:1)

3. The One Who Had Authority Over Evil 

4. The One Who Heals (Mark 6)

People are not projects, he heals with love and compassion.

5. The One Who Has Authority Over Nature and Natural Law.

6. He’s the Lord of History

7. The One Who Takes the OT Law Deeper, to Our Law (Mark 10)

8. The One Who Spends Time With and Becomes Friends to Sinners 

9. The One Who Responds to Faith

10. The One Who Calls Ordinary People to Participate With Him on Mission

11. The One Who Redefines Greatness (Mark 10:42-45)

12. The One Who Suffers – For Us 

13. The One Who Rises From the Dead

What kind of soil are you? 


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